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Komenik dormitory

Adress: 1 Opalińskich Stret, 64-100 Leszno, POLAND

GPS: 51°51'03.9"N 16°34'47.6"E

Komenik dormitory is located in the vicinity of our University. It features reception area and CCTV. The dormitory offers 200 beds in 70 twin or triple rooms and 8 beds in 6 twin or single rooms. The most privileged students for obtaining accommodation are those studying in a full-time program as they might find it complicated or even discouraging to commute to school on a daily basis, and those in financial predicament. Apart from standard equipment, the rooms are provided with Sat TV and Internet sockets. Each floor features a kitchenette, laundry room, silent study room and common room. The charge for monthly accommodation is, as follows:

a bed in a single room - PLN 400 per person
a bed in a twin room -  PLN 370 per person
a bed in a triple room - PLN 340   per person