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Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education

With great pleasure We would like to inform that by the decision of the European Commission, the Jan Amos Komenski University of Applied Sciences in Leszno has received the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the years 2021-2027. This fact means the possibility of entitling to carry out activities under the Erasmus+ Program and accessing the Erasmus + Program funds in the new financial perspective. The new Erasmus + Program for 2021-2027 will have a significantly increased budget of as much as 26 billion EURO, not only for mobility-related activities, but also for supporting innovation, digitization and environmental activities.

The application submitted by the International Office was rated at 100 points by an expert of the European Commission, who appreciated our ideas concerning, increasing the scale of mobility of students, teaching staff and administrative staff, activating new projects with foreign partner institutions, intensifying activities related to the digitization of education or document circulation under the "Erasmus Without Paper" initiative, implementing solutions aimed at environmental protection or minimizing carbon dioxide emissions (rewarding mobility by means of transport with a lower carbon footprint, or combining mobility so that participants can go to it with one common means of transport, e.g. a university van with the EURO6 standard), knowledge, but the development of pragmatic and soft skills, striving to develop further classes conducted in English, which will definitely increase the number of incoming students as the part of scholarship exchange.


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