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The infrastructure of the University

Main building of Jan Amos Komenski University of Applied Sciences in Leszno

ul. Mickiewicza 5, 64-100 Leszno, featuring:


  • Rector’s Office;
  • 26 classrooms for the total number of 1805 students;
  • computer and language labs;
  • kinesiotherapy and physiotherapy workrooms, thermodynamics lab;
  • gym;
  • office rooms  for administrative and teaching staff, archives, bookshop;
  • cafeteria, cloakroom.


The building is fully accessible to disabled persons.


Komenik dormitory ul. Opalińskich 1, 64-100 Leszno


Komenik dormitory is located in the vicinity of our University. It features reception area and CCTV. The dormitory offers 200 beds in 70 twin or triple rooms and 8 beds in 6 twin or single rooms. The most privileged students for obtaining accommodation are those studying in a full-time program as they might find it complicated or even discouraging to commute to school on a daily basis, and those in financial predicament. Apart from standard equipment, the rooms are provided with Sat TV and Internet sockets. Each floor features a kitchenette, laundry room, silent study room and common room. The charge for monthly accommodation is, as follows:

  • a bed in a single room - PLN 400 per person
  • a bed in a twin room -  PLN 370 per person
  • a bed in a triple room - PLN 340   per person


”Aula Comeniana” - a multi – purpose hall ul. Mickiewicza 5


An auditorium hall “Aula Comeniana” can house up to 420 people whereas another two auditorium halls – 123 persons each. The halls can be combined into one comprehensively equipped hall for the audience of 666 people. The building also features two lecture rooms for 90 students, a choir room and a wardrobe department. The facility is fully accessible to disabled persons. The University`s ceremonies as well as other events of educational, cultural and entertaining nature are held in the auditorium hall.



The University Library ul. Opalińskich 1


The University Library features a lending library, a reading room, a books and magazines storage room, a collection studies room, administrative rooms, lecture rooms, J.A.K. gallery and the relaxation zone for students. The library is equipped in an electronic system of unassisted borrowing and returning books as well as an electronic system of the collection security.


Practical Training Center ul. Narutowicza 74


The Practical Training Center is an interscholastic unit used by trade schools in Leszno as well as the students of Jan Amos Komeński University of Applied Sciences in Leszno (mostly those from technical institutes). The University has created and equipped 18 laboratories for the students doing technical courses, and 4 labs for IT students. In the Center, there are varied laboratories for the following subject areas: physics, metrology, electrical machines and devices workrooms, diagnostics and materials strength, generation technology, sanitation devices and facilities, automotive industry.