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Vice-Rector for Studies and Student Affairs - Dorota Sipińska, PhD, prof. PWSZ

Born in Leszno. Philosophy Doctor of Humanities in the field of Pedagogy.

A graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Adam Mickiewicz  University in Poznan. She obtained her doctoral degree from the Department of General Didactics of the Faculty of Educational Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan  defending a thesis Kompetencje nauczyciela w realizacji zadań edukacyjnych. Stan postulowany i obecny.

Career: Teacher Training School in Leszno, Teacher Training College in Leszno,Jan Amos Komeński University of Applied Sciences in Leszno, Adam  Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Faculty of Pedagogy and  Fine Arts in Kalisz.

Positions held during her professional career: Head of Educating Young Learners at Teacher Training  College in Leszno, Chief Specialist in  teaching  at Jan Amos Komeński University of Applied Sciences in Leszno, Head of  professional training placement at the Institute of Pedagogy (formerly Institute of Educational Studies),  Head of Department of Pedagogy and Deputy Director of the Institute of Pedagogy.

In-service professional development (post-graduate studies and workshops):
• postgraduate studies in Philosophy and Religious Studies,  Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Institute of Philosophy
• postgraduate studies in Politics  and Local Management,  Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Institute of Sociology
•  sociotherapy workshops - the Regional Teacher Training Centre in Leszno.
• "Rules and discipline" workshops by  Tony This Veen, PhD and Dot van Benthem, PhD from Stichting Schooladviescentrum, Utrecht, organized by the Institute of Psychology,  Adam  Mickiewicz University in Poznan.
• the "New School" Project  -  the “New School in Colleges” Educator - the National In-service Teacher Training Centre in Warsaw.

D. Sipińska participated  in the  EU- funded programme(PHARE), as part of  the SMART contract (Strategic Measures for Achieving Reform Targets) PL9512 / 01 implemented by Brunel University (UK) and the Educational Research Institute. She acted as  a national specialist at 04 Component  - Achieving High Quality in Teacher Training.  A study visit to Britain at the invitation of Brunel University in London, visiting schools and  job shadowing in state schools (including Kings Court First School, Manorcroft Primary School, Lampton School, Oxford College, Windsor College).  She also participated in seminars and workshops organized during this study visit.

She took part in the programmes co-financed by the European Social Fund within  the Human Capital Operational Programme.


• development of thematic entries for the Pedagogical Encyclopedia of the XXI Century,   edited by Tadeusz Pilch (2004 - 2010), Volumes II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, Supplement; Password entries: Symbolic Interactionism. Biographical Method. Nation. State. Socialization. Sociology of  Upbringing.  Social Awareness. Social Life. Social Order. Ideology;

• publications issued by the State School of Higher Vocational Education in  Leszno:

Socialization in terms of social age. Standardization of inclusive socialization. Childhood and Youth. Guidebook and texts workbook for the sociology of upbringing, Leszno 2010;

Adulthood and Old Age. Guidebook and texts workbook for the sociology of upbringing, Leszno 2010.

• journal articles and chapters in publications on professional competence;

Academic  achievements associated with issues related to the process of education of teachers,  educators  and tutors (within sciences: pedagogy, pedeutology, sociology of upbringing, sociology of education, philosophy of education).

 National and deprtamental  distinctions  awarded:  
 Silver Cross of Merit;
 Medal of the Commission of National Education;
 Silver Medal for Long Service;

Member of the Leszno Society of  Friends of Science.